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Lily Kravets Photography

About Lily

There’s something about a great portrait that goes beyond a likeness. It captures an essence that can be difficult to describe but you know it when we see it. Capturing that spark takes talent. Lily’s got it. She’s a pro at capturing personal light.


When you hire Lily your experience begins with an in-person meeting, a getting to know each other session. You and Lily will discuss what you are looking for, and how to achieve your goals. Questions about wardrobe, styling and location are answered ahead of time so that you are ready and relaxed on the day of the shoot. Feeling confident, at ease, and engaged is the goal. The magic happens in the exchange. 


The result? A lot of great pics.


Lily lives in Philadelphia and photographs people all over the country where they live, work and play.

Lily Kravets Photography
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