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Engagement Photography

Immortalize Your Special Day with Engagement Photography

What engages you? What do you want to commemorate? What makes you uniquely you? LKP (Lily Kravets Photography) excels in telling your personal story with photographs that accentuate your unique and compelling radiance.


Whatever the milestone you’re celebrating be it romance, career or family LKP will capture those moments brilliantly. Photography is an interactive art form and Lily has perfected the process of personalization that makes your photographs as vivid and enticing as you are.


The process begins with an in person (preferably) or virtual meeting. This meeting is where your desires for the outcome are discussed, and logistics are confirmed. Each client’s individual needs are given the utmost attention to facilitate the most enjoyable and efficient shooting schedule. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident in the process, so your photographs reflect the best version of yourself.
Whether it be engagement photos, portraits, business headshots, lifestyle, editorial or any other special moment you want to capture, you can trust the experience and professionalism of Lily Kravets Photography

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